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"The Lotus platform is American made performance, ready to shake the drone industry."

Here at Alpha Aerospace, we take pride in bringing a unique UAV solution to market that can be a valuable asset to many people. From universities doing drone research to corporations running large fleets, our platform makes new innovations easy.

“The Lotus-I platform is American made performance, ready to shake the drone industry.”


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Directly Attached Swappable Hardware

D.A.S.H. Technology, with its unique wireless arm capabilities, allows you to swap arms for tuning or perform maintenance in a breeze. No more spending hours replacing motors, in a few minutes your UAV is as good as new!
Our carbon fiber is 100% real and precision machined with its weaving oriented 45° to provide strength across the body where the platform needs it most. 100% US manufactured.
Not the right motors for the job? SWAP-IT. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a completely different UAV. Our wireless arms give you the freedom to do more with your platform.
The military spec Picatinny rail on the bottom allows for easy customization with standardized dimensions. Easy to design on, easy to integrate, powerful when deployed. T-Slot rail available if requested. Lidar altitude control available.
The dual power supply has fully redundant power to the flight controller. Each battery provides the Pixhawk with clean power and an independent voltage monitoring system that can be accessed via Mission planner or a ground station.
One landing light, and one flashing beacon that can be seen 3 miles away. Compatible with the latest FAA and CAA anti-collision light rules for drones.
From a fully open 600mm diagonal wingspan, the Lotus-1 can fold down to ~300mm across. Along with removable legs, this allows for supreme portability. Shove it in a backpack or pair with the custom Alpha Aerospace Pelican case for the best protection from the elements.
A brain powered by a powerful, open-source, Pixhawk 2.1 flight controller. An onboard Linux computer and RTK GPS options available. For the user seeking the most advanced functionalities such as real-time computing and centimeter level accuracy.
The fully symmetric design of the UAV is designed to fold open across a 500-600mm wingspan (dependent on the arm choice). The arms create a perfect X, providing stability across all axis.
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Switch arms on the fly.

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Standard Configuration

This is your general use configuration, perfect for carrying less than 1kg with great stability and long flight times. The straight arms allow you to clear small – medium sized lipo batteries.


Heavy Lift Configuration

With the bent arms, you can shift the center of gravity and increase the stability of the platform to accommodate heavier payloads. The increased prop clearance also allow you to use medium-large lipo batteries.

Mobile, PC, Mac.

Ground Control Software

The code on both the autopilot and GCS are open-source allowing for easy integration and modification with all your favorite GCS software like Mission Planner and QGround Control. The cross-platform ground control software also allows you to guide the drone with waypoint navigation. You can use the onboard telemetry for mission control, payload control, and custom triggers such as return to landing.

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